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Welcome to the Mexican Scholarship Fund

MSF History-Fondo Mexicano de Becas


The Mexican Scholarship Fund was established in 2004 by the Consulate of Mexico in Indianapolis seeking to improve access to higher education for Indiana students of Mexican descent.

“ Education is the key to the American dream. Wave after wave of immigrants have brought fresh blood, new ideas, and innovation to this land of opportunity, but it has been through their education that they have been able to add this new vigor to the economy, the culture, and society.”

– Sergio Aguilera, Consul of Mexico in Indianapolis

 The Fund awards scholarships to students who meet the following eligibility requirements:
● Demonstrate academic promise (GPA of 3.3 or above)
● Demonstrate financial need
● Preference is given to students of Mexican descent residing in Indiana



Am I eligible to apply?

For the Mexican Scholarship Fund these are the requirements:

 The following eligibility requirements must be met by applicants to the Mexican Scholarship Fund for consideration:
 Demonstrate academic promise (GPA of 3.3 or above).
    Demonstrate financial need.
 Preference is given to students of Mexican descent residing in Indiana.
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Contact MSF

Please contact us with any questions to the following address CICF, Attn: Amy K. Bodine Print Donor Services Advisor Address: 615 N. Alabama St., Suite 119 Indianapolis In USA 46204 Telephone: 317.643.2423, ext. 555

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